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Carmel Britto


Carmel Britto is the founder of 'Jeans and Heels Diva Network' and 'Divas Let's Talk'. She is an events manager, training facilitator and personal development coach who works with women, Mothers in particular to help them build their confidence as women in business.


Her coaching programs, events and workshops are designed to help Mothers to develop their confidence as mothers and business owners and put in place strategies to build financially viable businesses whilst making meaningful connections.

Carmel Britto is a wife and Mother of 3 children aged between 12 and 21 years old who is passionate about supporting women to build the lifestyles they want to live, develop businesses doing what they are passionate about and create financial freedom for themselves and their families without compromising on the quality of their family life or their personal sanity. She works to share her experience, skills and expertise so that other women can learn from both my mistakes and successes.

Throughout her years in business she has gathered a considerable amount of knowledge and experience on how to start and grow a business on a budget and remain debt free. She has learnt how to effectively juggle the roles of a wife, mother, and community leader so that her family’s needs are met and she is still able to live life on her terms and now uses all that experience to support other mums in business to do the same.

At the start of her entrepreneurial journey she noted that there weren’t many women's networks available that offered a quality experience at an affordable price for women at the pre-launch or newly established stages of their business that also took into account their needs as a Mother and a Woman. After years of experiencing what it takes to be a Mum in business and supporting other women to do the same, she found that she was not alone in feeling this way and so she founded The Jeans and Heels Divas Club to provide a holistic approach to a network for Mothers in business which meets both their social and professional needs.

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