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April 24, 2018

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26 Mar 2019

I hear a lot of women talking about the fact that certain women don't support them and how as women we should stick together, now you all know I am the biggest champion of #womensupportingwomen❤️ but I am also a realist.  

You have to understand that some women will onl...

9 Nov 2018

What quantifies someone as a somebody? This one is fascinating to me.

A friend of mines who has been working in her industry for over 10 years doing what she does, making good money whilst building the life she desires for herself and her family told me she went to do a...

5 Jun 2018

When you are celebrated for being strong, fearless and wise many do not realise that these are attributes that you have had to learn more often than not through being weak, scared and uninformed. For those who are struggling to recognise or utilise their own strength i...

11 May 2018

This one is for my multi talented Divas who understand the difference between jack of all trades and empire / portfolio building. Who even when there are those around them who don't see the hard work they put in yet envy their results and try to knock them off their tr...

7 May 2018

Dealing with mood swings can be very challenging especially if they're unpredictable, intense or ever changing.

As women we very rarely speak about how our moods effect our performance, relationships & outlook on life be it negative or positive. But the reality is our...

7 May 2018

When I realised my tears would no longer solve my problems, feed my children, pay my bills or make me desirable to my husband I dried my tears, made a plan and took action.

Life can be very hard and sometimes difficult to bear but this does not mean you can not simpli...

2 May 2018

How do you start each day? What is your morning ritual?

The way in which you begin your day each day can determine the type of day you will have and how you will interact with other people. 

My top tips for a powerful start to your day are;

1. Start each day by having a c...

24 Apr 2018

Success is measured in different ways and so too is progress. If you only measure success by having reached your final destination or not then you will continue to classify yourself as a failure until you have achieved your goal. This type of mindset can foster negativ...

23 Apr 2018

When you are confident about who you are and what you are capable of there is no need to fear the options, actions or judgements of others regardless of who they are.

Likewise when you consistently show up and allow your actions to speak for you you will leave absolut...