Business and Personal Development 

Divas Sparkle Programme

Would you like support to be able to build the courage and resilience to live the life you desire? 

Would you like to develop the skills to build healthier personal and professional relationships?

Do you want to achieve a state of financial freedom and be able to generate wealth?

Would you like to be able to gain clarity in the choices you make personally and professionally?

Do you need support to make peace with your past experiences so that you can enjoy the present?

Could you benefit from having an accountability partner who will keep you on task?

Are you ready to put in the work, have honest conversations with yourself and get out of your own way to get you to a place of true happiness?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then a Divas sparkle programme may be the next best thing for you to get your sparkle back and start to shine.

Divas  Business  Academy

Would you like to discover how to start a business with little or no start up capital and start making sales straight away?

Do you need support in building your audience or building your brand?

Could your business benefit from a quick health check? 

We support women to turn their ideas into businesses and their businesses into something they love running.


  • Social Media

  • Website building

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Business Basics

  • Blogging

  • Public Relations

Coach Carmel Britto

The Divas sparkle programme is a personal development programme consisting of mixed 1-2-1 coaching and group workshop developed by Carmel Britto to support women to build their confidence, improve their relationships with their family and friends and take a critical look at their performance in business in order to maximise their effectiveness and achieve personal and professional growth in an aim to get their sparkle back.

The Divas Academy consists of a number of business development workshops designed to provide women who are new in business or have an idea they want to develop on with the knowledge and skills needed to get of the ground running and achieve business growth.

Carmel Britto is a personal development and adversity coach who supports women to create the balanced family, social and professional life they crave so they can begin living life on their own terms, making their own rules free of guilt, fear or any emotional baggage. Carmel believes that every women should develop their inner sparkle, a light that radiates from within them when they are living as their authentic self. A woman who lives as her authentic self carry's her sparkle with her wherever she goes lighting up rooms and leaving  a trail of light for others to follow.

Contact us now for more information about our business development training packages or our coaching and mentoring programmes.

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