Divas Let's Talk With Coach Carmel Britto

The 'Divas Let's Talk platform was born out of Carmel Britto's passion to create spaces where women feel safe and inspired to; utilise their voices, engage in meaningful discussions, share their personal stories and experiences. Her events allow for women to exchange their areas of expertise and offer support to one another in both formal and informal settings. She recognises the importance of women being able to openly talk to each other and the power this can have so she consistently advocates for this as a way for women to support each other be it on their professional journey, parental journey or their journeys through personal growth or healing. 
Divas Lets Talk with Coach Carmel Britto consists of quarterly business brunches, personal and professional development workshops, Conversations with my Divas (live interview sessions), networking events and a coaching. The Divas Let's Talk platform is designed to create spaces, events and platforms upon which women can engage in open and meaningful discussion, gain advice, support and develop a better understanding around 4 key areas:
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