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LPF Kiddies Club CIC, 3rd Annual Prize Giving and Anniversary Dinner

On Friday I hosted the prize giving and 2nd anniversary dinner for LPF Kiddies Club, the non profit childrens club which I founded. In attendance to celebrate with us was the Deputy Mayor of Greenwich Cllr Ola Babatola O'gbenga, Deputy Leader of the council Clr John Farhy, CEO of Afruca Children's Charity Mrs Debbie Ayrio, local Clr Clive Mardner, the Parents of our Clubs children and many more.

It was indeed an honour that the Deputy Mayor accepted my invitation to attend LPF Kiddies Clubs 2nd Anniversary and Prize giving dinner last night. He is such a great person to know and I am so happy that he is always ready to support the work we do with the local children and their families at my children's charity LPF Kiddies Club holiday club and Saturday school.

On the night we recognised the children who had exceed well above their expected national curriculum levels and were working at levels expected for 2 or more year groups above, those who had participated in our young entrepreneurs club earlier in the year, the winners of our Fiver challenge as well as other awards and recognitions.

On the night it was also revealed which of our nominees had become the next LPF Kiddies Club ambassadors and who had won the position of the star ambassador to represent our club at national youth conferences and campaigns. The winner of the friendship award, the highest award our club gives out was also awarded on the night to a very deserving little girl.

On the night the Mayor recognised the clubs children who had excelled in their academic studies and  awarded the girls who where crowned club ambassadors on the night. These girls are our future leaders on a mission to to change the world. Not only are they bright, confident beautiful young Queens they are so very conscious of their ability to influence and make positive changes to the world around them. They have campaigned on issues that matter most to them, started mini enterprises, represented our club at youth events and all at the tender ages of just 10 years old. I am so proud of each and everyone of my LPF Kiddies Club children they make it a pleasure to be their teacher and mentor.

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