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HER Centre Greenwich, Open Forum Domestic Violence Awareness Event

The Her Centre is a women led charity that supports local women with advocacy, counselling, advice and training. Their main area of focus is on domestic violence and other forms of violence against women issues.

Today they hosted an open forum event on domestic violence where they shared information about the services they provide for survivors of domestic abuse as well as to offer a platform from which women could openly discuss their experiences. Showcasing on the day were a variety of other local service providers some of which had been developed by women after their

interactions with the HER centre to provide additional avenues of support or services for the their fellow survivors.

Has I sat and listened to a woman speak about a time she was so consumed by the gravity of where she was in life, the isolation she felt and the abuse that she was facing that had caused her to literally became mute for 4 months I was struck by the realisation that the secondary effects of DV can often be just as, if not even more overwhelming than the abuse its self. When coupled with the weight of keeping such secrets you can begin to understand why many DV victims also suffer varying mental health issues.

Many are still reluctant to talk about their experiences of being abused as the memories are still raw, unresolved or just simply packed into the box of the things they just don't talk about because it's not polite conversation. Domestic Abuse and violence against women is still a subject very rarely spoken about out in the open with the victims more often than not working tirelessly to put on a show of normality, trying to cover up the despair they find themselves living in day after day.

I urge all my Divas today whatever you are going through to please talk to someone, don't suffer in silence, in spite of what you might think, you are not alone and you do not deserve for this to be happening to you.

#Domesticviolence #violenceagainstwomen

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