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The Art of Getting Things Done, 20 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Have you ever noticed that most of the task you procrastinate on are not actually difficult to do and in fact if you put your mind to it could be completed in little to no time at all yet you just can't seem to commit to getting them done and find every reason possible to avoid starting them in the first place. Whist it is in deed natural to procrastinate some of the time, for you to run an efficient business you will need to get into the habit of completing tasks in a timely fashion. This will involve learning how to spot the signs that you are over procrastinating and to break the cycle in order to get back to work. Here are my top 20 tips for breaking the cycle of procrastination.


Think about an incentive for you completing the task or likewise the potential repercussions of not doing it. Understanding why it is such a priority to get the task done should help motivate you to take action.


Reward yourself for completing tasks on time.


Find someone to be accountable to like a trusted friend, mentor or coach, the positive pressure will help you to stick to the commitment of completing the work. The fear of letting someone else down can be a very good motivator.


Congratulate yourself as and when you complete tasks. Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments and how far you have come no matter how small.


Give yourself specific deadlines and a clear timeline of actions you need to take and when in order to complete the task.


Calculate the estimated time it would take for you to complete the task and if it is less than 5 minutes then do it immediately as doing so will get it over and done with in no time.


Do the task that seems the most difficult first and get it out of the way quickly so that all other tasks will not seem so daunting to complete.


Don't focus on the results instead focus on actually doing the work. If you spend more time thinking about what you need to do than actually doing it you will never get the task done.


Tune out distractions and stay on task. If you know you are easily distracted then work in an environment where they will be the least amount of distractions. Put all gadgets away, turn off the TV and put your phone on silent if needed.


The important part is to just get started, once you begin the task chances are you will complete it. The difficulty often comes when you fail to attempt the task in the first place. The longer you leave it the more difficult it will become.


Work when your energy levels are at their highest this will give you a better success rate of completing tasks you do not necessarily want to do. Attempting to complete undesirable tasks when your energy levels are low will cause burn out and chances are you wont get anything done at all.


Break the task down into manageable pieces to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the enormity or the task. It is only natural that you may become overwhelmed if the task is deemed to be too large for you to handle.


Sometime its better for the job to be done without it necessarily being done perfectly


Set yourself a time limit and work in a focused manor throughout the allotted time.


Make a list of all the task you need to do and dedicate time to work through the list checking items off as you go along until all tasks are completed. Visually seeing the list get shorter and shorter will also serve as motivation to keep you on track.


Change the environment you are working in if this will help you to work more productively.


Hang out with hard working people who will motivate and inspire you to take action and do what you need to do. Build a circle of people who will influence you to work harder.


There is never a perfect time to start so just start.


Make clear goals on what you need to do and when and create an action plan to accomplish those goals.


Implement good time management skills to avoid missing deadlines or rushing tasks.

The most important thing is not to let the work mount up and not to become stressed out by the work that needs to be completed.

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