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Extraordinary Lady Speaks 2016 - I'm Possible

I had an absolutely amazing day at The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference hosted by Sandra Nelson, CEO of Lift Effects. Being among so many exceptional females the speakers, award recipients and my fellow attendees alike all gave way to a feeling of being among sisters who regardless of whether they were new faces, old friends or Ladies known to you only via social media you were going to be made to feel at home.

The Lift effects team did an exceptional job of creating more than just an event, they created an experience that transcended the event itself, following you home and marinating with you long after as the influx of updates and posts via social media which had enabled you to relive the event over and over again from multiple perspectives.

From the moment of arrival and just as promised each guest was treated like a VIP as we were manoeuvred through registration effortlessly, handed a Lift Effects green signature coloured drink and a goody bag filled with a Lift Effect branded bottles of sparkling wine. As requested, Ladies attended dressed in either green or white which was in keeping with the brand message that cleverly played out all through the event from the decor to the marketing material creating a uniformed and easily identifiable message that left no room to question, this was indeed a Lift Effects event. After being accompanied to our seats by ushers who made every effort to ensure we were comfortable I took the opportunity to mingle among attendees catching up with familiar faces and making acquaintances with some new.

In keeping with the the Lift Effects colour scheme of green and white the event media call was conducted on a white carpet where ladies posed for photos by Joshy Daniels, were interviewed by Nyasha Michelle and Live streamed for their social media followers. The event was opened and one after the other phenomenal women shared their inspirational stories of their journeys through life and all they had encountered. Speaking of triumph, perseverance, resilience and determination to overcome their own struggles, barriers and battles and how these journey had yes left them scared but by no means broken.

The highlight of the evening was celebrating the 100 amazing women who were presented with Star awards as nominated by the very people whose lives they had impacted upon through their entrepreneurial work. A list that boasted women from all over the globe who had worked to shine a spotlight on injustices, those less fortunate or vulnerable and who had given voices to the voiceless. This presentation of Star awards was topped off with the crowning of this years Stars of Stars presented by the outgoing Star Marcia Spence to this years Star Karen Johnson.

Hosting an event of this scale especially one in which your attendees have paid to attend is so much more than just sending out invitations, packing them in a room for a few hours and having entertainers entertain them until one by one they all leave and go home. It is the little things that matter, the way in which you are creatively manoeuvre as guests through the experience of the event and how long after the day has passed you are left still engulfed in the (lift) effects and the Extraordinary Lady speaks conference delivered on all counts.

Well done again Sandra I wish you continued success and I eagerly await the up and coming lift effects Extraordinary Youth Conference because I know it's going to be awesome.

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