• Carmel Britto

New Month, New You

It is a brand new month, what are you going to do with it?

This is the question I ask myself on the first day of each month, "What are you going to do with this new chapter." I resist the temptation to wallow in the goals set but unaccomplished, the set backs, the rejections or the failures of the month past because I understand that dwelling on those negatives spaces will not get me any closer to where it is I am hoping to go. Instead I outline all that I am grateful for which the past month had presented me with, I celebrate all that I have done well and have been successful in achieving and then I move on. I do not allow myself to be tied down in a space where positivity or productiveness can not dwell because I understand it does not aid me in fulfilling my purpose and does not provide me with a space of growth. Instead I identify my new line on focus and I prepare my mind to go for it.

Each new month in my opinion is a fantastic opportunity to yes reflect on the old you but more importantly it is an opportunity to discover a new you. It is the perfect starting point from which to find out what you are capable of achieving, to ignite a new passion, to start over or approach things in a new way, to set new goals to accomplish and to challenge and push yourself that little bit harder to enable yourself to stretch and grow. It is a time to discover the new road you will travel and who will walk that journey with you.

I do however understand that sometimes when you are exhausted by events of your past, when you are drained both physically and emotionally and have used up your last bit of motivation it can become a struggle to achieve your goals and can sometimes be difficult to recognise anything positive. I know because I have been there and I fully understand just how hard it can be to pull yourself up and out of it but pull yourself out of it you must. It is in these times that you must readjust your focus, become clear with your intentions and ready mind for greatness and the only way to do this is by clearing your mind of unwanted baggage and negative thoughts. Doing this will enable you to move forward with purpose and clarity giving you a greater chance of actually achieving what it is that you have set out to accomplish. When you focus on what is good around you then great things will be attracted to you and while it may sound too easy to be true believe me when I say it works. A heart of gratitude will always find much to be grateful for.

A new month should be approached like a new chapter in a very good book, you understand who the main characters in the story are and you are familiar with their journey so far because you have walked it with them every step of the way but still you wait in anticipation for that plot twist because you never know what could happen next, what new and exciting thing that could be right around the corner. You are the author of that story and you have the power to determine just how that story will play out so don't waste that power creating a life that is ordinary and that no one wants to know about, strive to be extraordinary because a Diva is meant to sparkle and shine.

This is your new month your opportunity to try something, do something, be something new. This is your brand new month to do with what you will and so I ask you once again "What will you be doing with this new month?"


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