• Carmel Britto

The Answer to Everything isn't on Google!

In a time when we are made to feel as if the answers to life's every question is merely a finger click away, have we lost the ability to problem solve and reason for ourselves? Does the instant access to a world of potential solutions to ones problems have many becoming incapable of making their own choices in matters relating to both their personal and professional lives.

It seems we have developed a sheep like society where many are void of independent thought, blindly following others to be spoon fed answers on how to live their lives. This often leads to the mindless seeking of validation from sources that are not always aligned with your own vision and more often than not are themselves lacking in substance, all in the hope that the void which they are experiencing will some how be instantaneously filled. When one is lacking in direction this can cause them to seek external guidance which in some cases can cause more problems than it actually solves. If one simply takes the time to look within chances are they will discover that the answers they seek they already know. Which is why it is so important that you take time to know and understand yourself, to develop a good sense of self awareness and a clear understanding of what it is you do and don't want for your life. Invest the time, energy and money needed to develop yourself holistically in order to lay a strong foundation for the person you wish to become.

Taking that journey of self discovery will place you in the best position to summon the answers you desire when presented with the need and will empower you to make the best decisions in regards to the course your life needs to take. Whilst it is indeed OK to be uncertain and not have a full or clear plan of what it is you want to do, you most certainly do need to know who it is you want to be and be able to stand in the authority of who that is.

Soliciting the aid of a coach or mentor if need be who can guide you to unearthing the answers for yourself whilst holding you accountable to the course you choose to take is always the best practise when embarking on personal and professional development. Having already walked the path you aspire to walk they can support you through the process and alert you of the pitfalls to avoid.

Stop seeking all the answers in matters of your life from others and start utilising your own mind, all the answers you seek are within you all you need to do is put in the work to find them.

It is OK to seek guidance and if you truly don't know then it is always beneficial to ask someone who does but this should be applied with wisdom and the understanding that it is you who will ultimately have to live with the consequences of any decisions you make and so decisions must not be taken lightly or without being thought through thoroughly.

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