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How Being Your Authentic Self Brings You Inner Peace

There are a lot of women hiding behind lipstick covered in layers of gloss acting as a mask guarding the words they say so as to not reveal actually how they feel. Many have turned it into an art form to show up for life shrouded by a facade of make up used to hide their pains and an aromatic cloud of perfume to throw us of the scent of their fears and insecurities. To a certain degree this is understandable as those who are still not yet secure within themseves will pull on the security of the things they can hide behind. However the minute you begin to allow the mask to replace your authentic self is the moment when you will begin to loose the essence of who you truly are and your real beauty will begin to fade.

It can be an exhausting act to go through life pretending to be someone your are not. Whether it be to present yourself as one thing or to work relentlessly to disguise who you are, the effort it takes to not show up as yourself can be emotionally exhausting, detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing and frankly just isn't worth the stress.

Personal development must be factored in as an integral part of aiding in your personal growth. It will give you the insight needed to be more in tune with who you are, the way you deserve to be treated and what you want from your life. 

Here are my top 4 reasons why you should work on being your authentic self and how it will gain you inner peace;

1. They say your vibe attracts your tribe

You can not expect to attract people into your life who will love and appreciate you for who you are if you're not showing up as yourself. The people you attract to you will appear in relation to and as a reflection of the persona you give off.

Being your authentic self will enable you to build a tribe around you who are compatible to you, who can relate to you and will have a significant impact upon either your personal or professional life or even both.

2. You teach people how to treat you

People will treat you in accordance with what you accept and what you allow and so you may find that the personal and social relationships you develop are either lacking, superficial or out right unhealthy as a reflection of how you are presenting yourself. 

If you know your value and how much you are worth you will not allow yourself to be taken advantage of and you will not be willing to accept anything less than the respect that you deserve therefore you will have no problems walking away from people who do not treat you right.

3. The ability to enjoy meaningful connections

Real power comes from mastering yourself and knowing who you truly are the good and bad parts. Going on your journey of self discovery whilst practicing the art of self love will empower you to develop healthy connections with others be it personally or professionally. 

Being authentic enables you to show up in life as you are unburdened by pretences leaving you free to enjoy meaningful interactions with others.

4. Life is about consistent and constant growth

If we are not learning about ourselves and adapting then we are destined to live a stagnant life. It is not possible to be the same person you were a few years ago your mind, body, experiences and faith have seen to it that you have evolved into the person you are today, it is these things that have shaped the person you have become all be it good or bad.

You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago and so if you are not happy with th person you are what is stopping you from reinventing yourself, creating the new and improved version of who you once were rather than hiding from the person you no longer want to be. If you are not content with the life you are currently living then it may just be time for a lifestyle makeover that goes deeper than just the superficial.

Lipstick as with any other prop, should be used to enhance you not as a tool to hide behind.

Just be yourself, you are enough.

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