• Carmel Britto

Why do You See Yourself as a Failure?

Success is measured in different ways and so too is progress. If you only measure success by having reached your final destination or not then you will continue to classify yourself as a failure until you have achieved your goal. This type of mindset can foster negativity, frustration and in some cases depression all of which will only serve to keep you further away from your desired goal while making the journey seem that much longer and even harder than it needs to be. However if you choose to celebrate your small accomplishments, praise your progress and embrace the journey you will find that you become a winner in all that you do. Even your failures will become wins because they will stand as a testament of your attempt to succeed, they will give rise to lessons you will need to learn for future growth and development, they will serve as a caution for those who follow of what not to do and will strengthen your resolve.

When you don't sit in a place of gratitude it can be difficult to not see every set back, every unachieved goal, every unfulfilled dream as failure and in turn equate these to you yourself being a failure. You become narrow sited and unable to celebrate your small wins as you are forever in pursuit of what to you is more deserving of recognition, the big wins. Today I remind you to celebrate your small steps, your minor accomplishments because they are a testament of your growth.

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