• Carmel Britto

There Are no Unique Thoughts, Get Over it!

We would all love to think that we are unique in our every thought but the reality is we are not. We are influenced by our environment, the people we interact with, media and so much more. This is why when I hear of business women bashing other business women over who did something first be it to start a business or implement a particular strategy, I am somewhat baffled.

Yes there are indeed instances where the level at which a person has set about imitating the business or style of another boarders on an infringement of rights. In these cases there is every cause for an expression of a grievance to be aired with the possibility of action taken but this is not what I am referring to here.

I mean think about it, on every high street there is a MC Donald's and a Burger King both selling burgers and chips and a pizza Hut and a pizza express both selling pizza. Each knows what their brands stand for and what they do best, they focus on their target market and go about servicing their customers regardless of whatever anyone else in the market is doing. They do not engage in public disagreements over who was the first to introduce burgers or pizza to the market at the detriment to their business because they understand that this is energy mispent.

It is my opinion that as small business owners we too should adopt this model of practice to focus on providing the best possible service you can for your clients and the growth of your business instead of engaing in futile disputes with competitors. It is difficult to maintain focus on the development of your business if you are so easily distracted by what your so called competitors are doing.

I entered into each of the industries I work in with women already dominating in these fields long before I embarked on this journey, I have seen many come behind me and have mentored others to enter these fields too but I am rest assured that no one does it the way I do, I understand my target audience and work to best meet the needs of the women and children whom I serve with all my energy going into becoming great at what I do.

In business no one will care about your feelings and they will have little time to consider your whinning so you would be best placed to focus that energy elsewhere. Your number one priority should be to do what you do to the best of your ability irrespective of whatever anyone else is doing. Understand that your number one competitor should be you and you alone. What will make you standout is your unique essence, the way you approach things and the little bit of spice you add.

If they are so bothered about what you're doing, know you must be doing something right. However if you are worried about what others are doing you need to evaluate why.

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