• Carmel Britto

A Little Change Can be a Good Thing

Life is about consistent and constant growth. If we are not learning and adapting then we are destined to live a stagnant life. It is not possible to be the same person you were a few years ago your mind, body, experiences and faith have each played a significant role in developing the person you have evolved into. It is a combination of all these things be them good or bad that has shaped the person you have become today, change is most definitely inevitable and so at some point you will need to embrace that notion.

If you have become accustomed to recognising and seizing opportunities as and when they present themselves you will be able to develop and grow in ways that you may not have expected or even thought possible and with this change comes a realisation that the people, mindsets and the surrounding you were once used to may need to be changed in order to enable your further growth. This can sometimes be a difficult realisation to accept for yourself and others around you hence why you may encounter either internal or external resistance.

Understand that you are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago let alone 5 years ago, change is necessary in order for you to develop and grow. We all have within us the ability to reinvent ourselves if we see fit or build upon the person we are to create a new and improved version of ourselves that reflects our goals, aspirations and potential. As we up level so too must our way of thinking and being improve in order for us to be able to maintain and achieve continuous growth. Therefore if you are finding it difficult to make changes you need to evaluate what it is that is stopping you and where the resistance is coming from. What are the barriers preventing you from making your desired changes from who you once were into who you want to be? The sad truth is that it is you that is standing in your own way, the way you think, the people you associate with and the habits you've formed. It is therefore up to you to break the cycle and make the changes.

It is so important in life that we are constantly self evaluating, reflecting on our lives and making the adjustments and alterations where necessary to be able to live our best possible life. We can not intentionally hold onto things that weigh us down, prevent us from upleveling or receiving blessings that are meant to enable us to grow.

Don't be afraid to let go, say no, move on and grow. Be unapologetic in your pursuit of living your fabulously effortless life and do so on your own terms.

If you are not contented with the life you are currently living then it may just be time for a lifestyle makeover.


1. Have a clear idea of what kind of changes you would like to see be it physical, mental,

financial or otherwise

2. Make a list of things you want in your life put them in order of priority and then actively

start to pursue them

3. Work on attracting what you want using affirmations and positive thoughts. You cannot

attract what you do not see or believe

4. Make a list of things in your life you want to let go of and release them

3. Start to let go at a pace and in a manner that works for you

4. Make time for being still with yourself (meditating) and listen to what your inner voice is

telling you

5. Don't be afraid to say no and stick to it

6. Give yourself permission to be happy

7. Acknowledge the reasons why you need to change and what it means for your life if you

do or do not change

8. Celebrate your successes big and small

9. Do feel guilty about doing what’s best for you

10. Recognise that going through a period of change can be an emotional rollercoaster and be

prepared to deal with the emotions as and when they arise

It is my mission to support as many women as possible to build the confidence and put in place the strategies needed to live a fabulously effortless life on their own terms, contact me directly for chat if you would like me to support you with this.

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