• Carmel Britto

You Can Control Your Bad Moods

Dealing with mood swings can be very challenging especially if they're unpredictable, intense or ever changing. As women we very rarely speak about how our moods effect our performance, relationships & outlook on life be it negative or positive. But the reality is our moods can have a significant impact on us and our ability or inability to manage them will greatly determine our quality of life especially if they are negative moods. One of the greatest lessons I ever learnt was how to recognise when my moods are changing from being positive and the strategies I need to put in place to adjust, prevent or deal with them appropriately.

Acknowledge that some mood changes are external whilst other can be hormonal or reactive. Whatever the cause of your mood shift practicing and getting to grips with your emotional intelligence will greatlly assist you in gaining control of when your moods change.

My top tips for staying in control of negative mood swings are;

1.Take time to understand what your diffetent moods look like and feel like through your eyes and from the perspective of those closest to you.

2. Identify how being in different moods impact upon you physically and emotionally.

3. Learn to recognise what the triggers to your mood changes are if any or if there is any particular pattern to how and when your moods shift.

4. Evaluate the way you function and the way you interact with others according to the mood you're in and adopt behaviours which allow you to interact and communicate with others in positive and effective ways.

Being in control and aware of your emotions rather than allowing them to control you will enable you to be proactive in implementing the actions which will allow you to maintain productivity and a positive mindset whilst adjusting due to mood changes.

It so important that you begin to evaluate how your moods manifest themselves, what the triggers are, how they impact upon those closest to you and how you can manipulate or control them to work in you favour. How do you control your moods so that they do not negatively affect your day?

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