• Carmel Britto

Use Your Pain as Fuel

When I realised my tears would no longer solve my problems, feed my children, pay my bills or make me desirable to my husband I dried my tears, made a plan and took action. Life can be very hard and sometimes difficult to bear but this does not mean you can not simplify things and make it easier. We all carry around with us emotions and scars resulting from insecurities, pains, failures, disoppointments and in some cases traumas but the trick is not to allow those things to define who you are and the who you can become. I choose to be victorious over all that has tested my very soul because I may bend but I most definitely will not break. I acknowledge that yes it will be hard but I make a conscious decision daily to be the undefeated champion of my world. Acknowledge all that pains you and how it makes you feel but dont allow it to rule you rather release it and let it go or use it as the very fuel that powers your journey to success. The struggles & challenges you're facing now are the very things that will give you your foundation for your success. Whilst in this place of your humble beginings use this time to master your craft, to start small does not mean to have a small mindset. Sow thoughts of greatness and your greatness will come.

Have an amazing day Divas, you deserve it because you rock.

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