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Powerful Starts Produce Powerful Days

How do you start each day? What is your morning ritual? The way in which you begin your day each day can determine the type of day you will have and how you will interact with other people. 

My top tips for a powerful start to your day are; 1. Start each day by having a conversation with whom ever you pray to and by having a conversation with yourself.

Speak into exisitance your hopes, dreams and desires but most importantly acknowledge all that you are grateful for. Ask for the strength to release all the things that you must let go off or change and pray for the wisdom to recognise and recieve that which is for you.

2. Work on getting yourself into a positive frame of mind. 

As simple as it may sound the truth is if you start your day with a positive mindset the knock on effect of this is that you are more likely to have positive outcomes to your day. 

This may involve doing some silent meditation, listening to music or even reading and repeating positive affirmations to yourself. What ever process you choose to use it is so important that you teach yourself to start each day with a positive outlook.

3. Have a clear plan of action for the day. 

Know from the offset what your goals are for the day and what you intend on spending the day doing. Have a detailed plan of action which clearly outlines the activities you must focus on and how much time you can reasonably allocate to completing said tasks.

List out your activities in order of importance and priority ensuring that the things that require your immediate attention/action come first and those which don't feature lower in your list. 

4. Declutter your mind of any unnecessary baggage.

Take time to deal with any ill feelings or stresses that you may still be harbouring from the day before. This will free you from tensions in your body and give your mind space to have clarity of thoughts. It will also aid in you maintaining a positive outlook throughout the day which in turn will help to increase your productivity.

5. Make a conscious decision to tackle any unresolved issues.

Deal with unresolved issues which may prohibit you from moving forward with your day productively as soon as possible. Dont allow them to eat up too much time into your new day.

6. Think healthy thoughts and take healthy action

Recognise if you are reinforcing any unhealthy thoughts and work on replacing them with positive ones. If your negative thoughts begin to cloud your ability to confidently or happily progress through your day think about getting support to address this. 

Try to have a healthy balanced breakfast everyday as this will give you the energy needed to get through the day and if possible engage in some exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.

Whilst it may not be practical to fit in daily exercise at the start of each day do think about how you can include some vigorous, physical activity into your day somehow, every single day be it walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the lift or simply taking the time out to pay a visit to your local gym. Whatever your morning ritual is it should prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with whatever the day may hold and ensure that you are off to a powerful start.

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