• Carmel Britto

Your voice matters use it

Just because your voice may have been silenced does not mean you can no longer speak. As women you are more likely than your male counter parts to have been put into situations where someone else has attempted to assert their perceived authority over you silencing your voice, thoughts, ambitions or dreams, be it a partner, parent, employer or teacher. This usually will have been a systematic process occurring over a prolonged period of time accumulating in you ultimately being left feeling silenced. Well let me ask you this, did they reach in and physically snatch your voice? No, then it's time to scream, shout or sing out and let the world know who you are and that you are indeed here. No one can take your power unless you relinquish it to them and no one can steal your joy unless you give them the access to. It's time to reclaim your power, know your worth, build your inner strength and step into the light of the Diva you were born to be.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done but know that I am here to support you in your journey of personal development either one to one or in one of my group programmes. Contact me today for more information about how we can work together to get you feeling your more confident self.

I see your sparkle and you already know that I think you rock. #CoachCarmelBritto #TheMumpreneurWhoRocks

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