• Carmel Britto

Celebrate Your Wins

Success is measured in different ways and so too is progress. If you only measure success by having reached your final destination or not then you will continue to classify yourself as a failure until you have achieved your goal. This type of mindset can foster negativity, frustration and in some cases depression all of which will only serve to keep you further away from your desired outcomes whilst making the journey seem that much longer and even harder than it needs to be.

However if you choose to celebrate your small accomplishments, praise your progress and embrace the journey you will find that you become a winner in all that you do. Even your failures will become wins because you will understand that they stand as a testament of your attempt to succeed, they will give rise to lessons you will need to learn for future growth and development and they will serve as a caution for those who follow of what not to do.

Celebrate your wins this week by;

1. Starting each day being in a place of gratitude.

Write down the things you are grateful for from the day before and what your intentions are for the day ahead to ensure you keep winning.

2. Celebrate both the big and small wins.

Treat yourself to something special in recognition of the big or small wins. Be it a bar of chocolate, a spa trip, a new pair of shoes or a holiday, give yourself a reward in recognition of your win and to celebrate your success.

3. Don't be affraid to tell others about your


There is absolutely nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. Why shouldn't you share with the world just how amazing you are. Share details of your journey and experiences with others to offer them advise, encouragement and hope. Let then know the secrets to your success and how they to can apply it to their personal situation to be able to be winners just like you.

I love hearing about all the amazing work you have been doing to become Mumpreneurs who absolutely rock so do share your stories of success with me in the comments so I can celebrate them with you.


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