• Carmel Britto

Are You a Jack of all trades?

This one is for my multi talented Divas who understand the difference between jack of all trades and empire / portfolio building. Who even when there are those around them who don't see the hard work they put in yet envy their results and try to knock them off their track, still rock on and shine regardless. A jack of all trade is someone who jumps from one profession to another never succeeding in any nor mastering none where as a multi talented Diva understands that if she masters and becomes accomplished in one field she can do the same in many and become successful in all. If you are capable of mastering a skill and a trade and implementing it to generate an income then no one has the right to tell you not to pursue it. A wise woman understands that she can not rely solely on one source of income to sustain neither her nor her family and that she must diversify in order to efficiently multiply. I was recently asked "is there nothing you can't do?" and while I know it was not said in praise or as a compliment of me being the multi talented Diva I am but more as a slight I smiled and said "when you are blessed you do not ask why you just work it to the best of your abilities" So to all my Divas who are successful, multi talented, working multiple streams of income and loving it... this one is for you because you already know you rock! If you require some coaching on how to create multiple streams of income from a new or existing business based on the knowledge, skills, assets or experience you have contact me now and let's start working on a personalised plan to help you become a master in what you do best.

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