• Carmel Britto

In Weakness You Can Find Strength

When you are celebrated for being strong, fearless and wise many do not realise that these are attributes that you have had to learn more often than not through being weak, scared and uninformed. For those who are struggling to recognise or utilise their own strength it can be difficult to grasp this concept because their level of vulnerability combined with insecurities cloud their ability to identify these qualities within themselves. However it is important that we understand that being strong is a learned behaviour developed over time through our responce to different experiences we will have encountered throughout our lives. It is from overcoming situations and giving ourself credit for doing so inspite of all the odds that we are able to achieve growth. By taking the lessons learnt and applying them to future endeavours, experiences and relationships we are then able to build our resilience and in turn our inner strength.

I treasure the everyday wins because I know what they mean for me to have achieved them. The accomplishments which are not loud deserving of fan fair or awards but grand wins none the less. It's in the saying no without feelings of guilt, the saying yes and it not being a no to yourself, the silencing of the inner voice that speaks of untruths, the stepping up when fear screams to step down and the pushing through when all you want to do is quit. Social media allows us to see the big wins, the outcomes of all those moments resulting from you choosing your own growth, peace of mind, YOU period over everything else but it doesn't highlight all those micro moments which happen behind the scenes that lead you to your place of greatness. Recognise you moments of magic, own them and use them to help you excel. Where you are today may not be where you will be tomorrow. Choose to step out from fear and weaknesses, educate yourself and become wise. Your strength will be found in your journey and your growth will be a testimony for others to gain from. Walk in your truth and find your light and celebrate your quiet moments of magic.

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