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You're Not Somebody Until Somebody Loves You

What quantifies someone as a somebody? This one is fascinating to me. A friend of mines who has been working in her industry for over 10 years doing what she does, making good money whilst building the life she desires for herself and her family told me she went to do a consultation for a customer who had called her based on a recommendation from another satisfied customer. She said that after delivering the consultation to the potential customers, the customers friend who had also been present at the consultation, told her that her prices were too high for someone that nobody even knows. I was also recently having a discussion in a group chat where a trained, experienced professional make up artist reported that she had been called a newbie by someone who clearly was more new to the game than she for the same reason they felt that she wasn't popular enough to quantify her as being established or successful. What strikes me though is that in both cases these women were qualified trained  professionals who are both running successful businesses, making good money from a healthy customer base, they both have a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and regularly receive repeat custom and referrals from their client bases yet their credibility was called into question due to the level of social media recognition they have. I remember a story from one of my mentees who had booked an accountant based on just that, everybody knew him and he had quite a larger following on Facebook which in her mind equated to he must be great at what he does. However when it came time for her to file her tax returns he had made a complete mess of her accounting books which resulted in costing her a whole lot of money to rectify. So this leaves me asking the question "why do some people feel that if a person has not achieved a certain perceived level of social media celebrity status then their credibility can be brought into question?" Surely it's more important to have your work and proven track record speak for you than it is to be validated by the number of followers you have online.

There is a saying that goes "if you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur"

One needs to be very careful of booking people based on their perceived popularity and not their proven track record of success.  

I am fortunate to have a wide range of experienced, qualified professionals in the Jeans and Heels Diva's Network who all have a tried, tested and proven track record of delivering and in most cases over delivering on what they promise. I always say "if you are looking for a service and I can't help you, I have an amazing lady in my network who can." 

So before you book someone solely based on social media numbers check out the amazing work being done by the ladies in our Jeans and Heels Diva's network.

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