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What is Their Support Worth to You?

I hear a lot of women talking about the fact that certain women don't support them and how as women we should stick together, now you all know I am the biggest champion of #womensupportingwomen❤️ but I am also a realist.  

You have to understand that some women will only support you for as long as it serves them to do so, some will only do it to make themselves look good, for some it's to feed into their superiority complex and for some it is an opportunity to use you as a stepping stone or a means to tap into your network. So while it's great to get excited about those who are seen to be supportive don't be so quick to be dismissive or judgemental of those who don't. There are women out there who would love to attend your events, courses or seminars, would benefit greatly from reading your books or online workshops, would welcome the opportunity to utilise your services or provisions but their circumstances do not permit them to. We have to stop assuming that envy or some other nefarious reason is behind the lack in their show of support. In the 6 years that I have been hosting my now award winning event 'Carmel Britto's Ladies Night Out' I have been humbled by the stories women share with me on the impact attending Ladies Night has had on them, the barriers they have to overcome to attend and the intentions they have to show support but are not always able to fulfil due to their personal circumstances. For some the event is a chance to take time away from their 24/7 responsibility of caring for an ill or disabled loved one, it's a chance to heal among sister's over a break up or an extremely abusive relationship, it's a chance to feel glamorous in life where they feel ordinary and lack the self confidence to show up, a moment in time where they can forget about an illness they are fighting and in some cases losing the battle against, it's a space where they don't have to think about a debt that they are struggling to pay or a commitment they are desperately trying to uphold but are failing to meet, and the list goes on. For many women who are struggling to find a way to support themselves on a daily basis to push through, overcome, be present, make ends meet they may have the desire to support you but lack the capacity to do so. We have to recognise that time, health, confidence, finance, fear and so many other barriers maybe the reason why they don't turn up for you. If you really value their support then as women in business you need to start identifying, recognising and working on breaking those barriers that prevent some women from being there for so that they can. Recent Posts See All Write a comment... 

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