• Coach Carmel Britto

Is the Pursuit of Perfection Ruining your Life?

We often focus on how perfect or imperfect things are instead of celebrating how much progress has been made. We need to recognise that it is in progress that we find perfection that by focusing on our own path we will be more likely to achieve measurable success. There is a great saying that goes "comparison is the thief of joy" and this is so true. Hours spent in comparing ones self with others is irretrievable and most definitely wasted.

When you spend, endless hours measuring your life, family and business against others you will more often than not find yourself coming up short. This is because the unrealistic ideals you have projected onto them has blinded you to all that you have achieved thus far, dis-enabling you from being able to recognise the validation you deserve and blocking your ability to identify your own greatness.

It is a sad truth that many are so focused on how perfect or imperfect they perceive their life, family or business to be that they fail to see just how much they have actually accomplished to the detriment of their future progression. Hours spent on social media sites monitoring the activities of others also has a big role to play in this as many have become so fixated with the lives of others as played out via these sites that they have become unable to view the context in which this content is being shared. Not able to see it for the one sided, edited version into a small portion of what is the reality of that person’s world.

The energy which you expel comparing who you are and what you are capable of against others not only clouds your ability to focus on what is relevant to you but it also takes away from the time which you could be utilising to pursue your own greatness. This relentless pursuit of perfection distracts you from being able to see your progress and in some cases, can keep you trapped and unable to make any progress at all.

It is therefore important to acknowledge that it is in the effort applied in taking action to pursue your goals, mastering your craft diligently, actively working on your personal growth and professional progress that you will acquire the perfection you seek.

Take time each day to evaluate yourself and your daily activity, focus on the things you have personally accomplished and can be proud of and most importantly remain grateful for the gifts you have. Strive to achieve progress and your perfection will indeed follow.

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